How To Mute Trump On Twitter

Twitter is a great way to stay up-to-date with what's happening around the world however, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the blasts of political rants that continuously pop up on your newsfeed. Luckily, Twitter provides a simple way to block out the content you prefer not to see so you can make way for posts you actually enjoy.


Here's how to mute a word on Twitter:

From the Twitter app:

  1. Go to your Notifications tab
  2. Tap the gear icon
  3. Tap Muted words
  4. Tap + Add muted word or phrase
  5. Type in the words or hashtags you'd like to mute
  6. Tap Save
  7. Tap Done
  8. You will see the mute icon next to each entered word or hashtag

From your desktop:

  1. Click Settings from your profile image drop-down
  2. Click Notifications
  3. Click Mute specific words from your Notifications
  4. Enter the words or hashtags you'd like to mute
  5. Click Add
  6. You will see a Muted button next to each entered word or hashtag.

See how easy it is to block out fake news?! Mute annoying words or hashtags and you're on your way to a stress-free feed!

Facebook Trends in 2016

Facebook released their 2016 year in review to share the moments that mattered most to people this past year.

Below are the most talked about global topics on Facebook for 2016:

US Presidential Election
Brazilian Politics
Pokemon Go
Black Lives Matter
Rodrigo Duterte & Philippine Presidential Election
Super Bowl

David Bowie
Muhammad Ali

You can see the list of Twitter trending topics in 2016 here.

Twitter Trends in 2016

A lot happened in 2016 and Twitter users took to the social site to express their opinions, celebrations, and grief. From entertainment to sports to politics, it all happened on Twitter.

Here are the top trending moments of 2016:




4 Tips To Write the Perfect Post Headline

What does it take to write the perfect post headline? You may think it's easy but chances are that only 20% of people who see your headline will actually read your post. Don't risk losing readers because your headline isn't good enough.

Quicksprout has come up with an easy-to-use formula:

Use these additional tips when writing your next post headline:

  • Max of 65 characters
  • Use interesting adjectives (unique, essential, fun)
  • Include negative wording (no, stop, without)
  • Use digit numbers

Instagram Business Profiles

Is your company on Instagram? Many businesses have been using Instagram as a way to connect with their customers but haven't been given much insight into how their posts are performing. Finally, Instagram Business Profiles are getting new ways to stand out, get insights and connect with new customers.

Instagram business profiles will be a free feature for accounts that want to be recognized as an official business on Instagram. With a business profile, you will be able to choose how you want your customers to get in touch with you - call, text or email.

New insights will give businesses information about who their followers are and which posts perform better than others, all from within the mobile Instagram app.

The ability to promote posts will let you turn well-performing posts into ads within the app. All you have to do is pick a post you've already shared and add a call-to-action button. You can select a target audience or let Instagram suggest one for you.

These new Instagram business profiles will roll out in the US in the coming months and will be available globally by the end of the year.

Do you think these tools will help your business attract customers on Instagram?