LinkedIn Charges WHAT for a Career Page?

LinkedIn Company Pages are a way to showcase your company to millions of professionals.  Like a LinkedIn profile for your company, these pages allow LinkedIn members to research and follow your company, see what kind of people work there and review the products/services your company offers.  There are three main components to a Company Page – the overview, products/services and careers.

The Overview tab gives LinkedIn members a snapshot of your company.  The Products and Services tab allows you to showcase your best products and services, as well as feature product recommendations.  The final tab, Careers, lets companies interact with job seekers and provides insight into hiring practices.

You are able to set up your Company Page for free with a valid company email address but having a Careers tab will cost you.  How much?  LinkedIn doesn’t make it very easy to find this information but there are two packages you may purchase to set up your Careers tab – silver & gold.  Each package requires a one-year subscription through LinkedIn and what they offer varies.  The silver package is $10,000 for one year and the gold package (which gives you more options) is $30,000.  While LinkedIn is valuable for recruiting, these prices seem outrageous for a few job postings, a list of benefits and embedded video.

Do you think the Careers tab is worth the price?  How much would you pay to add a list of careers to your Company Page?