EU Files Compliant Against Facebook

A privacy-rights group in the European Union is planning to file a complaint with the US Federal Trade Commission.  What is causing this trouble?  Facebook's facial-recognition feature used for tagging photos. You may have seen this new feature that "recognizes" faces in uploaded photos, letting the user accept or reject the suggestions for Facebook.  EU regulators think that this optional feature is a potential privacy risk.  “Tags of people on pictures should only happen based on people’s prior consent and it can’t be activated by default,” said Gerard Lommel, a Luxembourg member of the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party.

Currently the facial recognition is enabled for Facebook users by default but can be disabled by following these directions:

1. Go to your privacy settings 2. Click "Customize settings" 3. Scroll down to the "Things others share" section 4. Click "Edit Settings" next to "Suggest photos of me to friends"

Is this a privacy risk?  Are you upset that this option is enabled without your consent?