It's Too Late to Delete Embarrassing Facebook Pics

The US Federal Trade Commission has given the okay to a pre-employment screening company to keep files of Facebook users' posts. Social Intelligence is a background screening service that enables employers to navigate the complicated landscape of social media.  According to a spokesperson for the company, they are looking for employer defined criteria that is legally allowed in the hiring process, such as racist remarks, explicit photos or illegal activity.

Most job-seekers know they need to clean up their Facebook profiles but Social Intelligence has the dirt you tried to hide, dating back seven years.  Unfortunately, hitting the delete button won't do any good now.  If a prospective employer chooses to use the agency's services, the material in your file could be used against you.

If Social Intelligence was able to get the thumbs-up for this online tracking, we're sure other companies will follow.  Now, more than ever it's important to utilize Facebook's privacy settings.