Google+ Answers to Facebook

Will Google be able to take on Facebook? Google has finally unveiled it's answer to Facebook, Google+, which turns the search engine into the ultimate social network. Here is a quick tour of what Google+ has to offer:

Circles Circles make it easy to share different things with different people.  Share only what you want to with different Circles, like your friends, your parents or your coworkers.

Hangouts Let your Circles know where you're hanging out so they can drop by.  The group chat feature allows invited individuals to enter a video chat room, with Google quickly changing the chat screen to whoever is currently talking.

Instant Upload Your photos and videos are uploaded instantly from your phone, to a private album on Google+.  You can edit your images and share them with your Circles.

Sparks Fill your downtime.  Tell Sparks what you like and it will send you stuff it thinks you'll want to read, watch or share based on Google Search and what is being shared through Google+ and +1 buttons.

Huddle Give your texting thumbs a rest.  Huddle turns individual text messages to multiple people into a simple group chat so everyone can be on the same page at once.

Google+ has let a small group of users start testing the site but it is only a matter of time before it's opened to the masses.  Already invited? A message from Google+ says the site has exceeded capacity but it will keep hopeful new members posted on when it will be available.

Will you be using Google+?  What Google+ features are more user-friendly than Facebook?  Let us know what you think.