Top Twitter Tools

Want to take your tweeting to the next level?  Below are seven of our favorite Twitter tools. Tweetmeme Tweetmeme tracks the most popular links shared on Twitter.  The links are broken down by categories, subcategories and channels, making it easy to find what you’re interested in.

140it 140it will shrink your tweet for you, to make it fit the 140 character limit set by Twitter.  The site shrinks words like “because” to “bc” and “for” to “4”.

Twitlonger Sometimes 140 characters just won’t do for a tweet.  With Twitlonger, you can write all you need to and a link to your post will automatically be posted to your Twitter account.

TweetChat TweetChat lets you isolate conversations on Twitter based on the hashtag.  Identify specific topics that you’d like to chat about and TweetChat connects you with people talking about the same thing.

Proxlet Proxlet works with Twitter clients (like TweetDeck, Twitter for iPhone, Seesmic for Android and more) to let you mute annoying users, filter hastags and block apps.

TweetBeep Like Google Alerts for Twitter, keep track of tweets that mention you, your products or keywords with hourly updates from TweetBeep.