New LinkedIn Profiles for Students

Students and recent grads are facing one of the toughest job markets in recent history.  The pressure to get a job is on well before they walk across the graduation stage and students are looking for any way to get their accomplishments to potential employers. LinkedIn has started to focus on students, realizing that students are using their site differently from professionals.  Students have less work experience to fill their LinkedIn profiles so the social networking site has added new sections to showcase a wider variety of accomplishments. Students just entering the working world can highlight achievements to potential employers and industry experts that can help shape future careers.

Here are new sections students may want to add to their profiles:

Projects: Add research or class projects to your profile that demonstrate experience relevant to your professional goals.  Participating in projects shows your ability to face challenges and work as part of a team.

Organizations: Voluntarily participating in on-campus organizations shows your level of commitment.  Highlight leadership abilities within organizations to show potential employers your talents.

Courses: Enrolling in difficult courses shows that you are willing to work hard.  List any courses that qualify you for professional positions you are seeking or that show your commitment to expanding your academic horizons.

Honors and Awards: Back up the claims you make towards your abilities by adding accomplishments, scholarships or awards to your profile.

To add these new student sections to your profile, click "Edit Profile" and click "Add sections" bar under your profile summary.