Foursquare Launches Tip Lists

Do you have a list of your favorite Chicago attractions?  Or the best roof-top bars?  Now you can share those lists with your friends through Foursquare's new feature called Tip Lists. Foursquare Tip Lists make it easy to create, share and update lists of all kinds. Not sure where to start?  When you log in to Foursquare you will see recommended lists on your profile page, based on your previous check-ins - use these as a starting point.  If you'd like to build a list from scratch Foursquare has made it easy by auto-completing places as you type and suggesting related places. Users have the options to share lists with friends both on and off Foursquare. Because the lists are alive, friends can contribute their suggestions to lists and the creator will see everything they add.

Foursquare is rolling out the new feature with some of their launch partners, like People Magazine and Bravo TV, that will feature lists as part of their pages.