How to Get More Twitter Followers

One of the biggest mysteries of Twitter is how to get more followers.  It's no secret that having more followers will help your business.  The traffic that comes to your social media sites are all possible leads for your growing business.  Don't waste your time trying to target followers the wrong way.  Below are ten best practices for Twitter that will increase your following. 1. Publicize your Twitter account by linking to it from your other social media sites -  Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, your blog, etc

2. Add your Twitter handle to your email signature

3. Share useful information that other people can use and will want to share

4. Provide your city or region in your profile for people to find you by your location

5. Participate in Twitter events that use #hastags so other people in the event can find you

6. Use Twitter Search to find other people talking about the same things you are interested in

7. Completely fill out your bio to tell people who you are and what you're about

8. Tweet pictures, which tend to get heavily spread around

9. Add your Twitter handle to your business card and pass it out at networking events

10. Reply and retweet interesting information from others

Do you have more recommendations for increasing Twitter followers? Share them in the comment box below.  Follow @GatzSocialMedia on Twitter for even more tips and tricks.