In Case You Missed It: Social Media Recap

Klout has added to its scoring system, which plays a role in determining your Klout score.  Wordpress is the 12th service to be added to Klout, in addition to Blogger, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Google+, Instagram,, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube. Facebook is introducing a new type of ad that will expand if one of your friends "liked" the brand. Users will be able to comment on the ad and see other comments related to the ad.  The idea here is that if ads have recommendations from friends, they will be more effective than standard display ads.

LinkedIn announced new company status updates that let members receive further insights - breaking news about the company, employee moves, relevant job opportunities or the latest on their products and services including multimedia content.

Twitter's newest employee is former Facebook president, Sean Parker.  Parker's first tweet included an apology to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for joining a rival service.  It reads, “Sorry Zuck, I had to do it eventually. (Actually @scooterbraun made me do it.)”