HOW TO: Create a Complete Twitter Profile

So you’ve created a Twitter account. Now what? Securing your username is just the beginning. These next three steps will help you create a complete Twitter profile and get you well on your way to tweeting like a pro.  

1. Upload a Profile Picture

You don’t want to be stuck with the default Twitter egg as your profile picture, or “avatar”. Other users may think you’re a spam account and ignore you. Upload a profile picture that is a good representation of you and/or your business by going to your Twitter Profile and clicking “Edit your profile”.

2. Create a Twitter Bio

Add an interesting and engaging bio to your profile, just below your picture on the “Edit your Profile” page. Your Twitter bio is often the most important piece of information people will use to decide whether or not to follow you. Twitter allows only 160 characters to create your bio so choose your words carefully. Include information about who you are and what you do.

 3. Find People to Follow

Twitter makes it very easy to find interesting and relevant people to follow. In the top right corner of your Twitter home page, the “Who to Follow” button lists people that Twitter thinks you should follow (the criteria is not specified by Twitter). From the “Who to Follow” page, you can click the “Browse Interests” tab that shows a variety of topics, along with suggested Twitter accounts associated with each topic. The “Find Friends” tab will discover your friends from other platforms (Gmail, Yahoo, LinkedIn) who are also using Twitter.

Now that you have a stellar profile and a list of accounts to follow, you’re ready to start tweeting! Think about your first 10 tweets as your introduction to the Twitter-verse.  Why 10? 10 tweets is about the maximum anyone will read from one person before moving on to another account. Create quality tweets and use your most genuine Twitter voice. Enjoy!