Find Jobs on Facebook with BranchOut

You may have heard rumblings about BranchOut, a new professional networking site, giving LinkedIn a run for it's money. BranchOut leverages the power of your Facebook relationships to improve your career or help you start a new one. BranchOut users are able to search from over 3 million job opportunities online by location, position, company or keywords. The search results return job openings and reveals the Facebook connections users have at companies they're interested in, giving them an advantage over other candidates. Users are also able to see their friends inside connections at each company to help land the job.

BranchOut requires users to create a professional profile on Facebook. Any career information already on users' Facebook profiles automatically shows up on their BranchOut profile. To add additional information, resumes can be uploaded in PDF or text form.  Don't worry, BranchOut profiles only include professional data and not personal photos or information from Facebook profiles.

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