Best Smart Phone Apps for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can't be confined to the walls of their office.  In today's modern world, you have to be able to conduct business from anywhere and smart phones make this possible.  Below are the five best smart phone apps for savvy entrepreneurs. TextPLUS: Conference with up to 20 people at once via text message. It's a fast and cheap way to communicate with your colleagues and employees.

Scan2PDF: Use your smart phone camera to scan documents and convert them to PDF files. The app turns the picture into a high-quality PDF, which gets stored on your phone and can be emailed.

Sign-N-Send: Don't waste time printing and signing documents.  Open any email attachment in the Sign-N-Send app and you're able to write directly on the document and email the document back as an attached PDF file.

Flight Track Pro: Minimize travel-related stress with this app that provides flight alerts, terminal maps and weather delays for over 5,000 airports and 1,400 airlines.

Dropbox: Take everything that matters with you on the go. Dropbox lets you bring your important documents, photos, and videos anywhere by synching them with all your electronic devices.