Retailer Showcases Facebook Likes on Clothes Hangers

Would you be more inclined to buy a piece of clothing if you knew how many "Likes" it had on Facebook? Brazilian fashion retailer C&A has created clothes hangers that display the total number of Facebook "Likes" for each garment in real time.  This initiative, called Fashion Like, is a way to bridge the physical and virtual worlds for customers. The C&A Facebook page includes pictures of various outfits that users can "Like", and those totals are fed into the hangers in the Sao Paulo store.  The new hangers offer information that allows customers to do rapid comparisons of the clothes.  There's a good chance that shoppers will check the comments on Facebook about the garment before buying or post after they buy the item with their feedback.

While this idea is very neat, it does raise issues like the possibility of rigging the numbers by hiring people to "Like" a particular garment.

How else would you like to see Facebook data integrated into the "real world"?  Facebook fan numbers on restaurant menus?  Wall comments at a car dealership?