Gentlemint is Pinterest for Manly Men

Taking a look at our Pinterest followers shows that 95 percent of them are women.  Does all of the estrogen on Pinterest scare the men away?  The recently launched is a Pinterest-inspired site for "manly men." Co-founders Brian and Glen had been working on a "manly social site" as a side project for over two years without so much as a public beta.  They decided to have their own "hack day" (bourbon and cigar included) and worked furiously on what would eventually become the guts of Gentlemint.  Before they knew it, a few shared links with friends turned into thousands of people clamoring to register for the site.

The site is similar to Pinterest, except the pictures on Gentlemint include a post-apocalyptic survival bag, how to patch drywall, and an upside down helicopter as a ceiling fan.  Users can post photos and other users can comment and click on the moustache logo, their version of a "like" button.  Navigate through the pages of pictures and articles to like your favorites. Recently released Collections lets users create a collection dedicated to a certain category, for example, all things facial hair.  Gentlemint connects to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

There is no gender check upon registration but we'd be willing to bet the guys on Gentlemint won't be happy if their pages are filled with nail polish and wedding dresses.

So tell us, manly men, will you use Gentlemint?  Give us your opinion in the comment box below.