Updated Klout Scores

A  few months ago Klout, a website that assigns people a score based on their online influence, adjusted it's scoring algorithm.  This resulted in lower Klout scores for many and left people wondering how important Klout really is.  Just this week Klout announced new updates to the Klout score, along with new product features an new product design.  For those of you who haven't sworn off Klout, read below for more information on the updates. What's new?

Improved Klout Score:  Klout added variables that will allow more actions across various networks to contribute to your score, such as +K received and Facebook subscribers.  Klout now pulls real-world influence data from sources like Wikipedia and LinkedIn titles.  When your Klout score rises, you can see what content contributed the most.  See who was influenced by your content, what network is was posted to, and how it impacted your score.

Moments: Klout's newest feature, Moments, is to help you understand and shape your influence.  A Moment is a social media post that has generated action from people in your networks.  You can see who responded to your content, what network it was published on, and the overall impact of that content.

Insights: The new design of Klout Insights will let you view your influence data quickly and simply.  It will allow you to easily shape your online image to reflect who you are as an influencer.

Every Klout user should see the updated Klout score now.  Select users have access to moments and the new design now.  They will be rolled out to all users over the next few weeks.

What do you think of the Klout updates?  Here at Gatz Optimize we saw our Klout score jump a little from the new algorithm.  Do you still pay attention to Klout scores?