Send Postcards from Facebook

In the age of text messaging, Instagram, and Facebook, many of us don't send snail mail anymore.  Being able to share your photos easily through social networking sites has made sending photos through the Post Office almost obsolete.  A new Facebook feature may just change that. Facebook is testing a new "Mail A Postcard" feature that turns your Facebook photos into physical postcards that can be mailed to your friends.  The feature allows users to send any of their own photos to friends, just not public photos or photos from pages.

Just like a traditional postcard, your photo is displayed on the front of the postcard and you can type a personalized message on the backside.  If you don't know where your friends actually live you can ask them for their physical address through Facebook.  The service is powered by Sincerely, an app that allows you to send Instagram photos as postcards using an app on your phone.

According to Mashable, the postcard feature is only available to a select number of Facebook users now, as they're trying out a few different price points for the service before deciding on a final cost.

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