Small Business and Social Media

How much time does your small business spend on social media?  Vertical Response surveyed 462 small businesses on how much time they spend on social media activities, including finding and sharing content on popular social networks and blogging.  The survey confirmed that small businesses are understanding the value of social media and are spending more time doing it, as well as investing more money at a faster rate. The survey suggested the following four conclusions:

  1. Small businesses are spending more time on social media, but many are struggling with the added workload.
  2. Small businesses are focusing on Facebook and Twitter, while adoption of Pinterest and Google+ remains slow.
  3. Small businesses are realizing the value of content - but, again, time is an issue.
  4. Small businesses are finding value in paying for social media.

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The complete data from the Vertical Response survey is complied in the social media infographic below:

How much do small businesses spend on social media?