Social Media Content Ideas


Social media networks require constant attention and that can be a struggle for busy business owners.  Finding content ideas leads to the intensive process of creating, publishing and promoting that content.  In an information hungry world, fans and followers want information and they want it now! According to Jeff Bullas, there are four main types of content that you should be considering creating:

  1. Educational content
  2. Informative content
  3. Entertaining content
  4. Inspiring content

Remember that content on the social web needs to be multi-media rich and include media such as photos, videos, images, and infographics.

If you're having trouble finding the inspiration to come up with different types of content and information to keep your social networks and blogs fresh, here are some new social media content ideas:

  1. Create Lists - Give people a list of things to do
  2. Provide "How To's" - Show people where to start and the steps along the way
  3. News - People want to know what is happening whether it's in their industry or city
  4. Images - Create content that takes screenshots of uses images to convey an idea, concept or story
  5. Solving Problems - Provide step-by-step instructions about the major issues that plague your industry
  6. Quotes - Nothing like an inspiring quote to put gleam in someone's eye to start their day

What content ideas have worked for you?  Please share them in the comment box below.