Instagram Video for Small Business

approved_Instagram_Icon_MediumLast week Instagram released video functionality to their app to compete with Twitter's Vine app.  Many small businesses are already on Instagram, so how will Instagram video play a role?  The ability to add a video to Instagram provides more flexibility to the messages that your brand can share. If your small business is considering adding Instagram videos to your social media marketing mix, here are a few ideas from Business2Community:

  1. Before & Afters - Before and after videos are a wonderful testament to the effectiveness of a product or service.  Showing a potential customer the end result of working with you may prove to be the final push that causes them to reach out.
  2. Previews - Getting ready to launch a new product or service?  A 15-second sneak peek may be the perfect way to build excitement and anticipation about its release.
  3. Mini Commercials - Just because you are a small business doesn't mean you can't have commercials.  Instagram video capabilities give you everything you need to produce short, free, and meaningful communications with your audience.
  4. Customer Testimonials - Customer testimonials may be the most powerful use of Instagram.  Anytime a customer brings up how your product or service benefits them (saved time, saved money, increased production, improved sales, etc.), simply take out your phone and ask them for a testimonial on the spot.  Not everyone will say yes, but the ones that do will be giving you pure gold video.

How will you use Instagram video to spread the word about your business?