HOW TO: Use Twitter to Find a Job


If you're like most job seekers, you've probably exhausted CareerBuilder, networking, and LinkedIn looking for new jobs.  Have you tried Twitter?  Wipe the blank stare off your face, believe it or not, Twitter can be a very useful tool for job seekers.  Twitter gives users access to free information about people, organizations, and job listings. Here are some tips for Twitter beginners on how to use Twitter to find a job:

Follow People and Organizations Following someone on Twitter will let you receive their tweets.  Every time the person posts a new tweet, it appears on your timeline in real time.  To start the process, use the search function to find people or organizations you want to follow.  Once you find them, click on the follow button and you will instantly begin to receive their tweets.  The best part about Twitter is that you don't need to get the person's permission to follow them (this is true for the most part - some Twitter accounts are private.)

Who To Follow Begin by following organizations you are interested in working for.  Next, follow employees and recruiters at your target companies.  The information you receive will be valuable in helping you research the culture and mission of an organization.

Job Listings An easy way to search for job openings is to use a hashtag (the # symbol), which is like Twitter's filing system.  For example, if you search #Chicago and #jobs, you will find tweets for job openings in Chicago.

Participate in Twitter Chats Twitter chats are regularly scheduled chats on Twitter that are organized by a hashtag and are a great way to engage with others. There are many chats that cover topics like job hunting, internships, and networking.  Check out #CareerChat on Tuesdays at 1pm EST and #JobHuntChat on Mondays at 10pm EST.

Has Twitter helped you in your job search?