Social Media and SEO - Social Media Week Chicago

social media week chicagoMany of our clients have SEO questions and we're always trying to stay up-to-date on the latest info on how social media and SEO are related.  This week, we attended Social Media Week Chicago and heard a lot of great tips on SEO.  Below are some of our notes that we think you will find useful. SEO for PR (session led by Nick Papagiannis)

What do search engines value? Technical architecture - website settings, URL usage, load time Keyword content - keyword consistency Linking - incoming and back links

Check your user experience by looking at your page load time.  Every one-second delay in page load time results in 11% fewer page views.

Brands need to use several types of links:Branded - a brand name or website is the term Partial Mix - links that include several terms Exact Match - links that include only the specific terms that you want to rank in search engines for

Punch Up Social Media with SEO (session led by Carolyn Shelby)

Facebook: Valuable source for rankingsAlways use keywords in posts

Twitter: Tweets are indexed by Google What you share on Twitter should drive readers back to your website

Pinterest: Search engines cannot see pictures so describe your pins using words people are likely to search for

Google + The more circles you're in, the better (as long as your circles are related to your subject)

Improving Social Media with SEO (session led by Dave Rohrer)

On-page optimization elements include: URL optimizationTitles H1 Tags Anchor text for keywords Meta description Alt image tags Keywords Fast loading site

Off-page optimization elements include: TweetsQuality external links Likes Pins Comment links Directory links Brand mentions


Did you attend Social Media Week in your city?  Share some of your best takeaways in the comment box below.