How To Craft the Perfect Social Media Post

yellow post it note with tack isolated on whiteSocial media is a great way to expand the reach of your content but getting shares and retweets can be a challenge. Recently HubSpot hosted a webinar on the art of the social media post and they laid out a good framework for getting the most out of social media posts. Below are tips for crafting the most effective posts:

  • Use the Reshare Test - Ask yourself if people will find your post valuable enough to share it. Post about topics that others will find interesting or helpful.  Remember that sharing is the sincerest form of social media flattery.
  • Be brief - The best posts have a 50-character headline, a three-sentence body and use an active voice. Anything longer than three sentences is called a blog post!
  • Add drama to your posts - Do this by using photos to help tell a visual story. Go as large as you can with the images but pay attention to size limitations.
  • Cross-post - Share your content from one social media platform to another. Be sure to mix up the message and the times that you're posting.

What tactics have you found most effective for crafting social media posts?