How To Use Google URL Builder

The Google URL Builder lets you create custom links to your website for social media posts. When a user clicks on your custom link, the unique parameters are sent to your Google Analytics account. Why does this matter? The custom URL lets you track and analyze how social media is impacting your traffic and identify which URLs are most effective for attracting users to your content.

The URL Builder makes it very easy to set up UTM parameters (simply put, tags that you add to a URL) on all of your social media links. The Campaign Source, Medium and Name are required but you can fill in more detail with the Campaign Term and Content.

UTM Parameters Explained:

Campaign Source - this is the referring site (ours is Social)
Campaign Medium - this is the marketing medium (ours is Twitter)
Campaign Term - if you have AdWords set up, enter the paid keywords
Campaign Content - use this to differentiate ads
Campaign Name - give your custom URL a unique identifier for each social media post you want to track (ours is April Newsletter)

Here is the URL we created to share our April Newsletter on Twitter:

Now you'll be able to use your Google Analytics account to see which posts are generating the most action and revenue for your business.