Use YouTube Analytics to Engage Bigger Audiences

YouTube users have been able to discover who is watching their videos and where viewers are coming from through YouTube Insight. Now YouTube has made it even easier to learn about your audience by replacing Insight with YouTube Analytics. Check out some of the latest features in Analytics:

  • Quick Overview - A new overview provides all of the information that you care about quickly, while also enabling you to access more detailed information
  • More Detailed Reports - Analytics now include more detailed statistics so you can have a more precise understanding of your content and audiences
  • Audience Builders - Discover which videos are driving the most views and subscriptions
  • Audience Retention - See how far viewers are watching through your video

YouTube Gets a Makeover

YouTube is getting some serious design changes. So far the changes have only been rolled out to a small subset of users for testing, but The Next Web was among the lucky ones and gave us a sneak peek.

Assuming test users like the new features, you will soon be seeing the following changes to YouTube:

  • Google+ integration shows off YouTube content your Circles have shared to Google+, letting you surf user-recommended videos from people you care about
  • New left-column dashboard sorts your Subscriptions into easily clickable sections, including featured videos and recommended content categories
  • The "fullscreen" button in YouTube videos will receive a more user-friendly update, giving viewers the option to shrink, expand of fullscreen the video
  • Homepage content will be displayed in a single column to allow for larger preview images for videos

Below is a screenshot of the new homepage so you can get your YouTube facelift fix before the changes are are in effect for everyone. What do you think of the new design?

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LinkedIn updated its iPhone and Andriod apps with an emphasis on speed, simplicity and Groups.  The new apps have four key areas: Updates, Inbox, You and Groups.

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