How Social Media Marketing Boosts Customer Loyalty

Social media usage has been booming in recent years and is used by a variety of people. Of those people are consumers constantly finding and searching for new products and services. It would be a mistake for a brand or business not to hop on the social media bandwagon. At first glance, it seems that choosing social media marketing is solely to gain brand exposure. While this is partly true, and undoubtedly beneficial for businesses, social media marketing is a revolutionary method to connect with clients and maximize customer loyalty through quick and easy access. Here are some effective loyalty methods to run on social media to boost customer loyalty:

  • Acknowledge your customers - When a brand acknowledges a question, compliment, or concern posted by a customer, it shows genuine interest and gratitude on behalf of the business. 
  • Provide a reason - Give a teaser of new products or engaging projects. This shows that customers have something to look forward to and something to gain. 
  • Ask for reviews - This not only shows that you want to be the best you can be for customers by addressing concerns, but also that you are confident in what you are promoting. 
  • Make customers brand advocates - Being awarded for minimal effort is a great way to make your followers pro-active customers. This can be accomplished by offering customers a reward system when they refer friends to your business. 

If you've decided that social media marketing is worth the investment, which it totally is, contact us! We make sure all your social media marketing needs are met.

What Do You Think of LinkedIn Endorsements?

A few weeks ago, LinkedIn introduced Endorsements, a new feature on LinkedIn profiles that recognizes users for their skills and expertise.  We want to know, have you used Endorsements? You can endorse your connections for skills that they have listed on their profile or recommend one they haven't added yet.  If you think one of your connections is a great public speaker, you can now let them know.  LinkedIn Endorsements are a quicker, easier version of Recommendations.

It's a little early to tell how valuable these Endorsements will be to your LinkedIn success, but they do provide users with more credibility.  Social Media Examiner thinks Endorsements could be a good networking tool for savvy online marketers, because a LinkedIn endorsement is an easy way to get on someone's radar.  It is also a good way to show you care about people who work with you.  The new feature is an easy way to show recognition to the business connections you value the most.

If you're new to Endorsements, check out how they work here:


Introducing Redesigned LinkedIn Company Pages

The redesign of the LinkedIn homepage got a lot of buzz over the last month.  In an effort to streamline the entire site, LinkedIn has redesigned Company Pages.  Starting this week, a few large companies (Citi, Dell) are getting access to the redesigned LinkedIn Company Pages.  How will this affect the user experience?

For members:

  • The new streamlined design makes it easier to find exactly what users are looking for
  • Company updates are front and center, enabling users to quickly comment, like, or share relevant company updates
  • Company Pages are available on the iPhone, Android, and iPad apps to stay connected on-the-go
  • It's easier to find, follow, and engage with companies

For companies:

  • Ability to easily add an image that best represents their company and brand to establish their identity on LinkedIn
  • The update stream is more relevant for members, which means companies are able to share status updates and job opportunities with the right members on LinkedIn
  • Companies can now easily showcase their company's products, services, and career opportunities with a more prominent navigation experience

In a blog post, LinkedIn says they are just getting warmed up and will work to continue to improve Company Pages.  The updated Company Pages will be rolled out to all companies later this year.

LinkedIn Introduces a Simpler Homepage

LinkedIn has started rolling out a new homepage to their members that offers quick access to relevant information and updates.  The new look removes a lot of the clutter from your homepage, showcasing the information you'll likely care about the most.  So, what's new?

  • Simpler, more modern design - The entire homepage has gotten a facelift with a new look and feel to make it easier to scan and find the information that matters the most to you.  The simpler design makes it easier to navigate the page.
  • More relevant updates at the top - Now you can see the most important network updates and articles at the top of your feed to stay on top of what matters most, like trending topics and news.  This means you will spend less time hunting for information you need to be prepared for your workday.
  • Cleaner update stream - The way updates look and feel has been refreshed with richer visuals for easier scanning and viewing.  You can also see a continuous stream of updates without having to click "see more" to access all of the updates from your network.

Below is a mockup of the new LinkedIn homepage:

According to the LinkedIn blog, the new homepage will be available to all LinkedIn members in the next few weeks.  Let us know what you think of the redesign in the comment box below.