LinkedIn Publishing

Approved LinkedIn logoMove over, status updates! LinkedIn now allows users to publish long-form posts on the site, giving users another way to share their expertise and professional insights. Why publish on LinkedIn? Business2Community has laid out some of the benefits:

  • Published posts become part of your professional LinkedIn profile, which builds credibility
  • Published posts are shared with your network, building trust and establishing you as an industry leader
  • Published posts showcase your expertise to secure new clients, build your network or find your next job
  • Published posts allow others to "follow" you who are not in your network, increasing your influence as your posts appear in their LinkedIn news feeds

Before you write your post, keep in mind these best practices for LinkedIn Publishing:

  • Keep posts between 400 - 600 words
  • Upload images to bring your posts to life
  • Add a bio to the end of each post with information about you and a link to your website
  • Double check your post for grammatical and spelling errors
  • Reply to post comments to establish new connections
  • Share your posts on social media sites

To publish a long-form post:

  1. Click the pencil icon next to the paperclip in the 'Share an update' box on your homepage
  2. Type your post (you can include hyperlinks, images and videos) *Remember, don't publish anything you don't have permission to share
  3. Click Publish

Have you used LinkedIn Publishing to build your personal or professional brand? What do you think?